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Hi, I'm Lee! I hope you'll enjoy my gallery. If you have any questions about my art or anything else, feel free to ask! Also, don't be afraid to give some hard critique. It's appreciated !

I am open for job offers as a 3D Artist and illustrator.

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Skype - Spoonfishlee

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Rock shapes by SpoonfishLee
Rock shapes
Some rocks made for a tutorial included in this months Patreon pledge, together with the high res Saber painting and the brushes used :) The tutorial covers the top one from sketch to finish, and a PSD file with the layers for each one. Each one uses the same approach.

Support me here! before the end of May :la:
Fate/Stay Night, Saber by SpoonfishLee
Fate/Stay Night, Saber
Fan art of Saber, from the anime Fate/Stay Night, which is awesooome! At least the version that is running right now :)

Support me on Patreon during May to get
- Photoshop Brushes used in this piece
- High-res JPEG (4000x2000 px)
- Step-by-step snapshots with texted thoughts on process
- In-depth image tutorial on how to paint rocks
- Layered PSD file

High res thumbnails:â&#…
Weapons design practice by SpoonfishLee
Weapons design practice
Some gun designs, scifi-ish, using photos as a base and then painting over. Lots of inspiration from Deus Ex and Killzone, then deliberately avoiding the neon lights trend. Spent a few hours on each one! If anyone is a guns expert, I'd love to some good advice for guns.
A nice little robot by SpoonfishLee
A nice little robot
A spontaneous painting made in about nine hours! The googly eyes idea were given to me by a loony friend. Enjoy!

Also I'm currently trying to start a Patreon channel, so if you want to help contribute, receive tutorials and resources, support me at :)

Timelapse video here !…

Thank you!
Spoonfishlee on Patreon! by SpoonfishLee
Spoonfishlee on Patreon!
Click through to my Patreon! (<- that's a link)

Don't know what Patreon is? Check out the video in the link above!

You've probably noticed this dry spell of art lately. It is because I am busy with other work and trying to keep a roof over my poor head.

So now I ask you for your MANNIES! I'll be honest.
Not because I'm greedy, but because I think that, together, we have to create the time needed for making art, tutorials, videos and other resources to share.

I hope you'll support this leap of faith! Thank you! :)

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sinfoxxx Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yo I didn't know u had a da page haha
ive seen your art on YouTube and I love the skull kid pic u did
the background tutorials help extensively even though I don't have Photoshop XD

your arts a true inspiration though u seem like a pretty cool dude to be round
but I will ask
how do u sketch so fast ???
I know the videos are sped up but the pictures look like they don't take long to do ??
SpoonfishLee Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heh, thanks a lot :) Happy you found me here!

Usually, people have a hard time projecting the epic image that is actually in their head because it takes too long to get the idea down on canvas.
So you'll have to learn to sorta just explode color onto the canvas to get the fundemental atmosphere and shapes down before your head gets muddled.
After that, you can work on the details and refine everything, but to begin, just big shapes, the very first important fundmental shapes!

Focus on composition and light direction, then work on details and rendering after :D
aBusinessBoy Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015
That's my main problem is that I find it a bit frustrating  that ideas that I can visualize so clearly are so difficult to enact irl even though I know exactly what everything is supposed to look like. That being said I can't even imagine drawing at a level like yours ;P
sinfoxxx Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hmmm thats true 
i do have an intention span of a gold fish haha 
i have been working on my lights but i still cant get the right color right heh 
dam why is art so hard but i love it so 

and thanks for the advice 
though how long did it take u to get to where u r now ??? 
did u always have a love for art ?? 
sorry about asking to many questions 
SpoonfishLee Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd say I got real serious about art when I was seventeen or eighteen, and now I'm turning 24, but I did photoshop and draw for years before that too.
And yeah, I always had a love for art :)
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